25. Freedom of Espresso

It is so cold outside its almost unbearable. It’s important to stay warm, which is why today’s thing to do is getting a nice piping hot cup of java. There are many options in syracuse, including Kind Coffee, and also Freedom of Espresso.

The convenient thing about Freedom Of Espresso is the variety of locations, they’re all over town! everywhere you turn you’re close to a location; from Franklin Square to Liverpool, Armory Square and Fayetteville.

They’re local, they roast all of their own coffee and the variety of coffee drinks seems unlimited with the different syrups, strength and sizes.


There’s nothing that soothes the soul on a freezing cold day other than a hot cup of coffee in a welcoming cafe. My favorite location is in Liverpool, near the parkway and quiet. It’s a great place to get work done, read a book or catch up with a friend.

Tip: There’s free wifi at all locations!


Franklin Square

Armory Square


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