24. Toggenburg Mountain

Ahhh…. welcome to the 2nd leg of your Syracuse winter. It’s been a while since we’ve seen sub-10 degree weather, snow that’s not going to melt, and lots of cars in the ditch on 481…

Lets just say I’m ready for spring…

But, until then…we must do what we can with what we have.

Today’s activity is an outdoor one, so grab your snow pants, your goggles & some hand warmers. This outdoor activity is, yep…you guessed it…Skiing.


Toggenburg Mountain comes in #2 for my favorite CNY Ski areas, next to Lab of course. Located right outside the town of Fabius on Route 80, it’s a mere 30 minutes southeast of Syracuse. Perfect for a day of skiing. And for the novice, lessons are available.

Toggenburg is decent sized with 6 open runs , 4 open chair lifts and reasonable prices. Coming in around $45 for a day pass ($15 with your college ID), you’ll be able to ski from 9am to 9pm. There is equipment available for rent and you shouldn’t forget to stop in for a mid-day meal (or libation) at their award winning Foggy Goggle.

Tip: January is learn to ski month! Buy one Learn To Ski/Snowboard package get one free – all month long! (source)

(Also, for those skiers in the CNY area with smartphones, a great app to get is iski. It features conditions, temperature, prices, directions and more for all of your favorite mountains in the area and throughout the country!)

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