23. Namu


It’s Wednesday, grab a group of friends and go out to dinner…it’s a nice mix for the middle of the week blues…and we all know with this weather, it’s easy to develop a little thing we’re all familiar with, Seasonal Depression.  We’re always looking for affordable (!!!) places to eat, and Namu ranks right up there with our top spots.

One of my personal favorite places to go for dinner with a group of people is Namu. The intimate space, the familiar wait staff, the delicious food…it all adds up to a perfect combination of dining pleasure. They offer a variety of different options on the menu, from Pad Thai to exotic sushi rolls you’re bound to find something to satisfy your taste buds.

Also, it’s location is pretty prime if you’re looking to grab dinner and drinks downtown. It’s located right on Walton St within walking distance of all the bars in Armory Square. It’s a great spot to hit up for dinner before a night on the town.Location

Tip: Monday has half price sushi & Thursday has half price drinks!

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