18. Chuck’s

If you’re familiar with Syracuse you’re familiar with Chuck’s.

Back Camera

Located in the alley behind Marshall St resides a few of the hidden gems around this fine city. Seriously, they’re literally hidden. Chuck’s in a word is…an experience. (I guess that’s two words…so sue me).

$3 pitchers, good (affordable!) bar food, lots of people…I have never left Chucks thinking to myself “wow…that could have been a lot better…” I always have a really great time at Chucks, especially on game days.

Inside, the walls are covered with graffiti drawings and signatures of patrons from year’s past to present. Signature’s on top of signature’s on top of signature’s adorn the walls. Signing the walls, the stalls, the tables or whatever else you can get your hands on is a rite of passage around town.


Now that SU students are back it’s bound to be crowded as the Men’s Basketball team takes on Louisville, at Louisville. On game days, the fans pile in and the game is projected on a large screen for everyone to see. They simultaneously cheer between gulps from their cheap beer and food. It’s the epitome of college sports bar, and that’s why I love it so much.

Tip: They’ve got some of the best dirty girl scout shots in town!

Watch the Syracuse Orange take on Louisville tomorrow at Chuck’s at 4pm!

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