17. J Michael Shoes

There is pretty much 1 spot in Syracuse to get all of the name brand clothing, and that’s the boutique on Marshall St, J. Michael Shoes.

That’s the nice thing about Syracuse, it’s not overwhelmingly materialistic. Obviously you’re going to have those who know everything about every label, but for the most part you’re going to see a whole lot of modest people living a very modest life.

However, there are those times when you’re going to want a high quality pair of jeans or shoes, or something a little nicer than you’d find in the mall…and that’s when you’d go to J. Michael’s.


J. Michael’s has been a staple spot on Marshall Street (for 30 years!) always carrying the latest men’s and women’s fashions from Sperry & Frye to Vineyard Vines & Free People.

Tip: Become their friend on facebook to find out about all the outrageous deals they’ve always got going on!

Location: 173 Marshall St

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