16. Onondaga History Museum

Deep in the heart of Syracuse, across from an old Masonic Temple, down the street from the Cathedral and around the corner from City Hall is where all of Syracuse history presides.  From toys and furniture to posters and authentic original Syracuse China, the Onondaga History Museum has something for everyone.


I need to admit anything before we go any further, but I am obsessed with History. It’s sort of a problem… There was a time in my life when walking through my old historic town and admiring the buildings and imagining the way life used to be was my favorite past time.

History enriches the spirit, it brings out a sense of imagination and reality at the same time. It has an uncanny ability to grab someones attention, pull them in real close and touch their souls. It’s what really gets the blood flowin’.


The Onondaga History Museum has a little something for everyone. Those interested in learning about the Underground Railroad will get a hands-on tour of what it was like to be an escaped slave. If you’re into sports, there is a room upstairs that features local sports and their impact on Syracuse. Brewmaster? Learn about the different beers and breweries throughout the city! Into your neighborhood? It features little blurbs about each and every neighborhood in this city, with pictures and maps and artifacts — oh my!


The history behind this city is what makes it so cool, in my opinion. I mean…we did invent the shot clock after all!

It’s free to browse, with a suggested $3 donation, and has a revolving door of exhibits touching on all things history. You’ll also learn about activities happening in and around town, and if you’re really interested in learning more there’s a research room upstairs!

Oh man!.

Tip: The downtown Museum is closed on Monday’s & Tuesday’s.

Location: 321 Montgomery St.,  Syracuse, NY. 13202

And when you’re finished, you can stop in to Parisa for brunch on Sunday!

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