15. Black Olive

When attending school in Fort Collins, one of the things I always looked forward to was that late night Gyro from the food cart downtown. My friends and I would step into (a pretty long) line and wait patiently for our turn, and we’d get our made-to-order Gyro and love every second of it. Needless to say, Gyro’s remind me of some of the best times in my life…that may be a bit of an over share, but it’s important for today.

Located in Armory Square, on S. Clinton St., Black Olive is home to by far the best gyro I’ve ever had.

black olive

This is authentic Mediterranean cuisine, folks. Black Olive has some of the best hummus and Gyro’s in Syracuse.

My friends and I usually go to lunch here during the week because the service is fast enough for someone with a 1 hour lunch and the atmosphere is very relaxed and comfortable. We’ve tried a variety of things on the menu, from the Gyros, Hummus, Avgolemono (soup), and Tirokateri, all of which we have thoroughly enjoyed.  You’re going to spend anywhere from $5-12 on a meal here, but the serving size will keep you satisfied for a while!

TIP: Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s Gyro’s are $5 from 11-4pm!

Check out their facebook page to learn more about their specials & hours.

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