14. Trivia at Kitty Hoynes

Question. Can you name three films with one word titles, and beginning with the same letter of the alphabet, which starred the actress Cher?*

Trivia. I love trivia. I like to think I am really good at trivia…but then I realize I’m not. However, trivia is one of those things people consistently try very hard at even if they’re really bad at it.

Just a sidenote: if  Friday Night Lights trivia ever comes to Syracuse I will win. Without a doubt.

Starting Monday night’s at 8pm, Kitty Hoynes hosts a (somewhat difficult, but always fun) trivia night.


Grab all of your smartest friends; those who know the most random things and stop by Kitty Hoynes. Come early for a drink and to grab a spot to sit, it’s bound to fill up quick!

Location: The corner of West Fayette & South Franklin St in Armory Square.

Tip: It’s free to play!

*answer:  Mask, Mermaids & Moonstruck

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