13. Parisa

How are we already 13 days into January? We’re going to have to work on slowing time down a little but, but until then…you know what today is right? Yep, Brunch Sunday!

Today I want to feature one of my absolute favorite places to eat in Syracuse.



Parisa is a quaint restaurant tucked away in Hanover Square on Montgomery Street, right across the street from The Good Samaritan Center. I love everything about Parisa; from the food, the service, the location, the atmosphere, just everything. I can not rave about this place anymore than I already do.

I want to feature Parisa a few times here, so Im going to stick to just the brunch menu today, but I know for a fact their lunch & dinner menu is absolutely delicious.

The menu is diverse, and it’s hard to choose just one thing to order.

Tip: Everything is great; try the Fritta or the Eggs Benedict & Shrimp Cream Sauce! You will not be disappointed.


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