11. Blarney Stone


Located on Tipp Hill is The Blarney Stone, a quite authentic Irish bar… (who woulda thought…). It really has everything.  Beer (duh), Darts, Pool, delicious food (they’ve got really good burgers!), free popcorn, a patio to sit on during the summer months, TVs to watch the game…just everything.

I love going to Blarney Stone. I without fail will meet at least one interesting person there. You’re not likely to find an over abundance of college students; it’s more of a young-professional/regulars crowd…which I prefer.

Tipp Hill is home to quite a few bars and I’ll make sure to feature all of them at some point on here throughout the year. I think Blarney Stone is a great way to highlight this culturally vibrant neighborhood.

Whether you’re going to grab a bite to eat or get a late night beer, Blarney Stone is always bustling with people throughout the week, especially for Happy Hour. In fact, on Friday’s they offer free (yes, you read that correctly…FREE!) food for Happy Hour! Drop in, have a bite, grab a beer!

Tip: Blarney Stone is cash only!

Located at 314 Avery Ave

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