10. Letizia and the Z-Band

Syracuse music lovers, I am sure you’ve seen Letizia and the Z-Band at least one time around town, and those of you who haven’t…you need to.

I am a huge fan of live music — or well, just music in general. I will listen to it all. A few years ago, I was at Balloon Fest to see The Scarlet Ending & The Fray and I ended up getting a taste of Letizia and the Z-Band, I was immediately hooked. That summer I think I saw them 2 or 3 more times.

While living in Austin, TX I quickly learned that music was a huge subculture there. Which was awesome. I got to see acts like Bob Schneider, and go to events like SXSW & Blues On The Green. I loved all of it. Here in Syracuse, the nice thing is is that we make the best with our local acts and they’ve got a pretty strong following. Which is why I think it’s important to feature them here, and why I think you all need to drop what you’re doing and see Letizia and the Z-Band tomorrow night.


Letizia and the Z Band rock and roll their way around stage. Letizia’s wild vocals grab everyone’s attention and you’ll be dancing in no time! They perform songs from Rescue Me to From This Moment and so much more! The entire act, start to finish, is enjoyable and entertaining.

Tip: Enjoy Letizia and the Z Band Friday Jan 11 at Carnegie Cafe (400 7th North St. Liverpool) at 7:30!

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