6. Stella’s

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…Syracuse has great brunch.

Something I intend to do on this blog is to highlight all the great brunch spots this city has to offer.  Each Sunday I’ll give away bits and pieces of my Syracuse Brunch Secrets.

This Sunday, I’m going to feature one of my all-time favorite brunch spots. Stella’s.


When ordering a meal at brunch I am a traditional over-easy egg with toast kinda person, but luckily I have friends who dare to venture further down the menu, and Stella’s has a diverse and delicious menu that they are ALWAYS raving about.  In fact, I am pretty sure a friend of mine has tried (and enjoyed) every omelet on the menu.

Sunday’s it’s always pretty busy between the hours of 10-1 because of the earlybird shoppers (it’s conveniently located near DestiNY) and church-goers. But, it is well worth the wait. The service is quick, the food is cheap and the meal is delicious.

Tip: They have some of the best french toast in town!

Monday & Tuesday’s Stella’s is only open until 2:30 & throughout the rest of the week it’s open until 9pm.

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