5. Labrador Mountain

30 minutes from Syracuse, Labrador Mountain is a great day/evening activity for the whole family.

lab mountain

With a variety of beginner hills (blue circle) to experienced runs (black diamond), Lab has always been one of my favorite places to Ski in Central New York.

Granted, I did go to school in Colorado so it’s hard to live up to skiing in New York when you’re used to the Rockies. However,  I have always considered Lab to be one of my favorite mountains.  I refer to it fondly when thinking of where I learned to ski and where I’ve had endless amount of good times.

The dynamic and the ability of the skiers, from students with their Ski Clubs to novice & experienced adults and families make skiing here a diverse adventure.  In the evening the lights come on and the half pipe is full of snowboarders and skiers trying out tricks and flips, it’s very entertaining.

Tip: If you’ve never skied before, check out the $25 deal!

Check out the website for ski conditions and rates: Labrador Mountain


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