4. Gordon Biersch


Syracuse is not limited to it’s delicious foods, and you’ll find that out as we highlight some of the best restaurants this fine city has to offer throughout the year.  One of the newest restaurants to come to Syracuse is Gordon Biersch. Located in the newest addition to DestiNY, in what is referred to as “The Canyon,” Gordon Biersch is a welcoming brewery pub-style restaurant.

I had been to Gordon Biersch when I lived in Annapolis, MD and was excited when they announced one would be coming to Syracuse.  One of the coolest parts about this restaurant is the in-house brewery, meaning all of the beer is brewed on the property, and each has a unique craft flavor.

I recently went to Gordon Biersch after the holidays with my family and was very satisfied with the staff , the food and the atmosphere.  I had a couple (a few…) glasses of the Blonde Bock, which turned out to be just as good as our server had said it would be.

Tip: The garlic fries are delicious! (and so is the blue crab artichoke dip, and the lobster mac and cheese…)

Beer Menu

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